Celebrate the Power of Friendship, Compassion, and Kindness

Together We Can!
Caryl Hart; Illustrated by Ali Pye

Hardcover w/jacket, 32 pp.
9 13/16" x 10 13/16"
ISBN 978-1-4380-5076-8
$12.99, Can$15.99
(Ages 4–7)

A friend is a buddy,
A pal or a mate,
A person who's special,
Who makes you feel great.

Here's a heart-warming ode told in rhyming verse and accompanied by charming and colorful illustrations. The message is clear—friends come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some may look and dress differently than you, speak another language at home, may use a wheelchair to get around, or simply be shy. It just doesn't matter—making a new friend is AWESOME!

Children will love this story about the joys of bonding, sharing, playing, and working together. And parents and other adults will appreciate a message that builds character and fosters empathic skills in children.

Our friends are all different,
But one thing is true—
Each one is quite precious,
And that includes YOU!

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